Journal – The Boys, Homelander

Best superhero on TV/film thus far. And here’s my laser eyes homage to Homelander. Both the TV character portrayal and the acting by Antony Starr. The little micro facial expressions that reflect the inner anguished layers of Homelander.

Laser eyes done right finally. Wish it was more like Man of Steel laser but what it does this is the best so far. Why best? He’s everything Superman isn’t.

Also all the scenes in The Boys have completely blown out skies. So basically no skies in The Boys.


Review – Zima Blue

Art by

What is art, is it what one makes or what one is? Is it big or grand or is it but one thing?

What is life, is it the beginning, or the end?
The source whence we came from is where we return to.

Are we what we are made to be or do we make ourselves? Are we born whole or do we make ourselves whole as we live?

Is the beginning the same as the end and everything in between only leads us to that conclusion?

Is complexity less or more versus simplicity?
What is achievement?
What is greatness? What is simplicity?
Is simplicity masquerading as greatness?

These are some of the questions that Zima Blue tackles but leaves the answers to the viewer to decide.

The colour too, the small, earth and water and the big, the sky, blue.

Maybe in a sentence, all extremes on a spectrum when observed from a distance long enough is simple.

If you stare at something long enough, it becomes everything.

In order to appreciate the simple, maybe we need a grand journey. Or the grand journey simply just always was there, waiting for us to embrace it.

Altered Carbon Review


No matter how advanced the tech, it always boils down to a fist fight or if they have a higher budget, a sword fight. And in a world where you can have any body, why choose a flesh one? Unless the flesh ones are cheaper and cost is a consideration. Which links to the apparent duality of our selves. Religions and now AI and consciousness theory always speak of a duality of body/soul (religion) or body/mind (tech). For both to work, we need to think in those terms, because if there is no separation, then heaven and hell won’t work. When we die, our souls die too with the body. And mind transfer would not work too. My own theory is there is no separation. We are our bodies as much as we are our minds. Our minds emerge from our bodies. And if we create another body, and somehow manage to transfer our essence into it, we would not be us. We would be something else that isn’t the same as us before. It would be something altogether new. Hypothetically, if a machine which could duplicate a body, quark for quark (or down to whatever ultimate particle resolution that science now does not know) would it also duplicate the mind as a side effect of the physical duplication? I’m not so sure about the answer to that one.

Ok enough technicalities, back to AC. A sign of a strong film to me is when the world melds with the story. In this case that the plot elements like the sleeves, are directly linked to the story itself. The connection is not fundamental enough. I keep drawing connections to Blade Runner : 2049 where the story elements are the story as was Westworld. This just seemed like a very forced who done it. And the main villain was not convincing. To be so obsessed with just one person when she doesn’t give half a fuck about anyone else. But yes I am being harsh. My expectations were high.