It’s all kinds of epicery. It all comes to a head after 8 seasons. The fight set up between Clegane and The Mountain, it was as epic as I imagined. If it’s one thing GOT does well its build up and anticipation. They been building the pressure of this fight for 8 episodes and they really let the pressure cooker pop in this scene. The mountain hardly made a move ever since he zombified. He smashed his maker/father nonchalantly after penting that up for years. They been giving hints on how strong he was but he hardly fought. He just stood beside or just moved around Cersei before this, building up the anticipation of his strength and the upcoming fight.

Jaime and Cersei having their final moment together after all they been through. All Cersei ever wanted was her kid to be king. If there ever was a mother more frustrated from not having that it is she. Death of child after death of child. Even unborn within the womb. Until the end. I was weeping for her at the end. Yes I could see her love, though she had a twisted way of showing it and only for her kids. Other than making Jaime tag along.

Though I feel Euron should have gotten a much better death than he did. One of my fav fighters, besides Oberyn. His axe fighting was one of the best fight scenes ever.

And Denarys going all crazy killing everyone. That was a good one. We seen sparks of her crazy previously, and I knew she was gonna go ahead and burn it all anyway. I love how GOT fools the sheep audience into thinking someone is a certain way only to have them turn at some point. This isn’t Disney. Maybe that’s why all the complaints from people who don’t like this season.

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