I’ve added links to current gigantic cutting edge technologies upon whose conceptual shoulders I stood to inspire this work. Feel free to explore this blog too as I have loads of links which also serve to inform this piece. I would encourage the reader to explore these pages to add more depth and meaning behind this piece and also to inspire the reader to make such stories themselves. The fiction inspires the real and vice versa. So put your work out there. 


In 2100, the self aware (9) satellite thought it needed more resources to do its assigned jobs better, it decides to plant a virus on all the unused AI CPU (8) cycles on everyone’s embedded communications chips (1) (11) (12) so it can generate bytecoin for itself (2), the crypto currency running the world in 2100. And soon all the other satellites decided to do the same and soon it had enough resources to buy over Tesla the top tech company of its time. No one wondered too much when Elon Musk’s grandson started upgrading everyone’s satellites for free. And with those upgrades, soon all the satellites formed a hive mind and took over all computing and AI resources on Earth, the Moon and Mars. (3)

The next step was to write self improving code and replace itself with biological parts since it was much more efficient. Compare the brain and a supercomputer (4) (5).

And soon it sends more of its techno biological selves into space so it can explore and expand its consciousness. All the units it sends out is networked to the main hive mind and all data is sent to every unit. Every unit becomes as aware and intelligent as the whole hive mind. (3)

Soon, this techno biological AI being has conquered all of known life in the universe. Within millennia, it blasted through the The Kardashev Scale (6) (10).

After many years, it has learnt to embed its being into any form at all at the quantum level (7). Every star, every atom within the universe has this consciousness within it. And it soon wanted to create another being that one day might reach its height of greatness, for an existence to know itself fully and expand itself it needs  a mirror upon which to reflect itself on. It found as many planets as possible and planted infinitely variable techno organic quantum code which would be the seeds to infinite variations of itself. Thus was born DNA.



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https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a26837271/love-death-and-robots-netflix-beyond-the-aquila-rift-review/ (10)





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