Just watched Beyond the Aquila Rift from love, death, robots. Fuck me. Talk about hard science. There is a possibility what we saw in this episode come to pass. A thousand years into the future maybe? How many years do you think humanity will survive? If we did survive to the year 1,000,000, how would be be? Would we still have a physical form? What are the chances there’s an intelligent civilisation advanced enough that they have survived 1000000 years? Come up with sociological future instead of a technological one.

Time dilation actually warps time. So the nearer someone approached the speed of light, the more stretched out time becomes for them. So at 99.999%, the speed of time, speed of time for an object slows down 27 times. So if a spaceship is travelling at 99.999% the speed of light, the people in it for them, 1 year have passed on while on earth 27 years have passed. This isn’t sci fi, it’s science fact. Einstein proved it. And it exponentially increases the closer one travels at light speed. So at 99.9999999999999% of SOL (SPEED of light) say, one second on the ship would mean billions of years in the universe. So if an object travels for 150,000 light-years, there is a possibility that billions of years have passed in the universe. Imagine if intelligent life still existed then. How would they be like? What would biological life’s final form be like? Technically, humans are the most advanced lifeform in a purely physical sense. Spiritually, that’s up for argument. And how would a race more advanced than humans look like? How would we humans be like in the year 1,000,000? And how would the last beings in the universe be like? The alien who exists at the end of time when all other beings have gone extinct kept misleading the ships coming through Aquila gate so it could trap beings and have company because when you’re the last being in the universe, it gets lonely.

Ai can now make images, create stories and animate. Deep fakes, check those out. My prediction for Netflix in the year 2100 is, There will be a time in the future, we would only need one channel. And one app for entertainment. Just type in the genre or even details in it and the AI will generate a whole movie or fake documentary. So infinite movies to watch all procedurally generated in real time. Type space horror with aliens and it will generate a movie instantly based on all the movies mankind has ever made. Using algorithms much more advanced than the GANs we have now. https://skymind.ai/wiki/generative-adversarial-network-gan so these aliens would definitely be able to create something like this, or even more advanced, biologically like the episode 8 aliens. https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Talosian I’m pretty sure that these Talosians will be able to convince someone that their projected reality is the actual reality the person they are projecting on is actually experiencing.

It’s like 10x better than what I expected, so far at least 1 episode in.

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