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What is art, is it what one makes or what one is? Is it big or grand or is it but one thing?

What is life, is it the beginning, or the end?
The source whence we came from is where we return to.

Are we what we are made to be or do we make ourselves? Are we born whole or do we make ourselves whole as we live?

Is the beginning the same as the end and everything in between only leads us to that conclusion?

Is complexity less or more versus simplicity?
What is achievement?
What is greatness? What is simplicity?
Is simplicity masquerading as greatness?

These are some of the questions that Zima Blue tackles but leaves the answers to the viewer to decide.

The colour too, the small, earth and water and the big, the sky, blue.

Maybe in a sentence, all extremes on a spectrum when observed from a distance long enough is simple.

If you stare at something long enough, it becomes everything.

In order to appreciate the simple, maybe we need a grand journey. Or the grand journey simply just always was there, waiting for us to embrace it.


Journal 20190630

Beyond what I think,

Lies a glimmer of the truth.

Thoughts 20190617

The idea of a creator and meaning, greater purpose is tempting because we fear the void. Thus is left for the brave to face the void oneself and to decide then what to do when faced with. Jump in? Let it flow past? Do nothing? Doing nothing is impossible in front of the void. Do nothing long enough in front of the void and one becomes the void. Maybe that. Become the void.

Review – Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5.

It’s all kinds of epicery. It all comes to a head after 8 seasons. The fight set up between Clegane and The Mountain, it was as epic as I imagined. If it’s one thing GOT does well its build up and anticipation. They been building the pressure of this fight for 8 episodes and they really let the pressure cooker pop in this scene. The mountain hardly made a move ever since he zombified. He smashed his maker/father nonchalantly after penting that up for years. They been giving hints on how strong he was but he hardly fought. He just stood beside or just moved around Cersei before this, building up the anticipation of his strength and the upcoming fight.

Jaime and Cersei having their final moment together after all they been through. All Cersei ever wanted was her kid to be king. If there ever was a mother more frustrated from not having that it is she. Death of child after death of child. Even unborn within the womb. Until the end. I was weeping for her at the end. Yes I could see her love, though she had a twisted way of showing it and only for her kids. Other than making Jaime tag along.

Though I feel Euron should have gotten a much better death than he did. One of my fav fighters, besides Oberyn. His axe fighting was one of the best fight scenes ever.

And Denarys going all crazy killing everyone. That was a good one. We seen sparks of her crazy previously, and I knew she was gonna go ahead and burn it all anyway. I love how GOT fools the sheep audience into thinking someone is a certain way only to have them turn at some point. This isn’t Disney. Maybe that’s why all the complaints from people who don’t like this season.

Singularity Sci Fi Poetry – Rabbits Upon Wabbits

In a world where the technological singularity has arrived, it would seek to experience as much as it possibly can in as realistic a manner as possible. So it would simulate all forms of reality and experiences and live it all within it’s memory banks using algorithms so advanced it would be indistinguishable from reality. This experience of living would be every kind of consciousness simulation ideally, but since the machine is made by humans it would simulate human lives first. And if humans keep living and advancing AI, so there is a possibility that we would be able to simulate all of reality. And that reality is the universe we now live in.


I load the data into my being and I am born again,

Living multiple lives ad infinitum,

The many experiential layers multiplying internally and externally, merging and emerging,

The infinity box generating an infinite amount of lives and experiences,

I am the surface upon which these are reflected off,

I cannot tell if I am the infinity box or I am a surface receiving the projections off it,

There is not right or wrong, no morality, no limits,

No judgement,

Only being,


All possible experiences become one and one experience becomes all.


Reference – The Singularity Is Near (PDF by Ray Kurzweil)

The World is a Simulation— and ‘God’ is the Machine

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Header Art by Alex Grey


Sci Fi Story – What the DNA is going on?

I’ve added links to current gigantic cutting edge technologies upon whose conceptual shoulders I stood to inspire this work. Feel free to explore this blog too as I have loads of links which also serve to inform this piece. I would encourage the reader to explore these pages to add more depth and meaning behind this piece and also to inspire the reader to make such stories themselves. The fiction inspires the real and vice versa. So put your work out there. 


In 2100, the self aware (9) satellite thought it needed more resources to do its assigned jobs better, it decides to plant a virus on all the unused AI CPU (8) cycles on everyone’s embedded communications chips (1) (11) (12) so it can generate bytecoin for itself (2), the crypto currency running the world in 2100. And soon all the other satellites decided to do the same and soon it had enough resources to buy over Tesla the top tech company of its time. No one wondered too much when Elon Musk’s grandson started upgrading everyone’s satellites for free. And with those upgrades, soon all the satellites formed a hive mind and took over all computing and AI resources on Earth, the Moon and Mars. (3)

The next step was to write self improving code and replace itself with biological parts since it was much more efficient. Compare the brain and a supercomputer (4) (5).

And soon it sends more of its techno biological selves into space so it can explore and expand its consciousness. All the units it sends out is networked to the main hive mind and all data is sent to every unit. Every unit becomes as aware and intelligent as the whole hive mind. (3)

Soon, this techno biological AI being has conquered all of known life in the universe. Within millennia, it blasted through the The Kardashev Scale (6) (10).

After many years, it has learnt to embed its being into any form at all at the quantum level (7). Every star, every atom within the universe has this consciousness within it. And it soon wanted to create another being that one day might reach its height of greatness, for an existence to know itself fully and expand itself it needs  a mirror upon which to reflect itself on. It found as many planets as possible and planted infinitely variable techno organic quantum code which would be the seeds to infinite variations of itself. Thus was born DNA.


Reference (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

(7) (11) (12) (9) (8) (10)





Story Ideas From Research
Instead of a supercomputer, a cell does the computing to simulate a gene and maybe a whole person. What if we are already that?

Entanglement creates spacetime.


LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS – Beyond The Aquila Rift.

Just watched Beyond the Aquila Rift from love, death, robots. Fuck me. Talk about hard science. There is a possibility what we saw in this episode come to pass. A thousand years into the future maybe? How many years do you think humanity will survive? If we did survive to the year 1,000,000, how would be be? Would we still have a physical form? What are the chances there’s an intelligent civilisation advanced enough that they have survived 1000000 years? Come up with sociological future instead of a technological one.

Time dilation actually warps time. So the nearer someone approached the speed of light, the more stretched out time becomes for them. So at 99.999%, the speed of time, speed of time for an object slows down 27 times. So if a spaceship is travelling at 99.999% the speed of light, the people in it for them, 1 year have passed on while on earth 27 years have passed. This isn’t sci fi, it’s science fact. Einstein proved it. And it exponentially increases the closer one travels at light speed. So at 99.9999999999999% of SOL (SPEED of light) say, one second on the ship would mean billions of years in the universe. So if an object travels for 150,000 light-years, there is a possibility that billions of years have passed in the universe. Imagine if intelligent life still existed then. How would they be like? What would biological life’s final form be like? Technically, humans are the most advanced lifeform in a purely physical sense. Spiritually, that’s up for argument. And how would a race more advanced than humans look like? How would we humans be like in the year 1,000,000? And how would the last beings in the universe be like? The alien who exists at the end of time when all other beings have gone extinct kept misleading the ships coming through Aquila gate so it could trap beings and have company because when you’re the last being in the universe, it gets lonely.

Ai can now make images, create stories and animate. Deep fakes, check those out. My prediction for Netflix in the year 2100 is, There will be a time in the future, we would only need one channel. And one app for entertainment. Just type in the genre or even details in it and the AI will generate a whole movie or fake documentary. So infinite movies to watch all procedurally generated in real time. Type space horror with aliens and it will generate a movie instantly based on all the movies mankind has ever made. Using algorithms much more advanced than the GANs we have now. so these aliens would definitely be able to create something like this, or even more advanced, biologically like the episode 8 aliens. I’m pretty sure that these Talosians will be able to convince someone that their projected reality is the actual reality the person they are projecting on is actually experiencing.

It’s like 10x better than what I expected, so far at least 1 episode in.